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UCET offers support for advancing teaching, learning and careers of the faculty at IU South Bend.

The UCET Course Design Institute equips faculty to design or redesign a course while engaging with faculty from various disciplines. Participants will leave the CDI with a blue print that they can easily adapt to design or redesign other courses. After developing clear goals and objectives, participants will design assessments that are clearly linked to the course objectives, and develop strategies for students to achieve the course objectives in a positive classroom climate.

Consultations and Resources

Individual consultations, online resources, and personal interaction (via Canvas) are available to all CDI participants regardless of the format chosen.

Learn and Earn

Associate and part-time faculty who participate in the UCET Course Design Institute may earn 20 Faculty Development Units (FDU) at a rate of $10 per FDU (which equals $200). Compensation will be paid at the end of the semester of completion.

Flexible Formats
  • Online Modules for two months (via Canvas learning management system)

  • Includes two, 3-hour face-to-face sessions: CDI Orientation, and CDI participants’ showcase.

Accelerated BlendedSummer
  • Six 3-hour face-to-face sessions for two weeks (MWF)
  • CDI participants' showcase (two weeks following completion)
  • Six 3-hour face-to-face sessions on Fridays for two months
  • CDI participants' showcase
  • Participants choose flexible timelines that fit their schedule
  • Consultation with an instructional designer

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Join Gwynn Mettetal and Gary Kern as they facilitate a semester-long exploration of proven methods to increase student learning. Guest speakers from the faculty will provide examples and helpful tips for implementation. Past participants designed learning games, designed a problem for a PBL class, planned an internship class, and more.

Two Ways to Participate
  1. Do you have limited time or specific interests? Attend any of the open sessions from 10 a.m.-12 noon to learn what your colleagues are doing. No reservations needed.
  2. Deeper interest? Join the Active Learning Institute. Attend open sessions plus complete readings, reflections and conversations. Create an Action Plan to use one or more of these strategies in your classroom. Completion of the Institute earns a certificate and a Bronze Badge in Active Learning Strategies. Reserve your seat by contacting us at ucet@iusb.edu

Typical Schedule
Day 1OverviewPresenter/s
9-10Institute Members Only 
10-10:50Flipping Your ClassGary Kern, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
11-11:50Quick Strategies to Add AnytimeGwynn Mettetal, Professor of Psychology and Education
Day 2Outside the Classroom
9-10Institute Members Only / Key Elements and Plans
10-10:40In the Community: Service Learning and ActivismApril Lidinsky, Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies
10:40-11:20Study AbroadSusan Moore, Professor of Fine Arts; and Scott Sernau, Professor of Sociology
11:20-12FieldworkTerri Hebert, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education; and Jay VanderVeen, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Day 3Learning Through ExperienceKey Elements and Plans
9-10Institute Members Only
10-10:40Case StudiesMohammad Merhi, Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences
10:40-11:30GamesJulia Gressick, Assistant Professor of Instructional TechnologyAmy Gretencord, Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiography; Joel Langston, Manager, Media Services; Dave Vollrath, Professor of Management
Day 4Striving and Aspiring
9-10Institute Members Only / Key Elements and Plans
10-10:40Undergraduate ResearchGretchen Anderson, Professor of Chemistry; Eric Souther, Assistant Professor of New Media
10:40-11:20Writing-Intensive CoursesClayton Michaels, Senior Lecturer in English; Lisa Zwicker, Associate Professor of History
11:20-12:00CompetitionsAnurag Pant, Associate Professor of Marketing
One month followingInstitute Members Only / Institute Wrap-up LunchShare action plans

What improves student learning in your classroom?

Does that new strategy you implemented make a difference? 

The SoTL Institute provides structure and support as you design and carry out your own SoTL project. If you are new to the SoTL process, you will design an informal SoTL Pilot Study that will help you improve your teaching. If you are more experienced, you may work on a more formal SoTL project that might lead to publication. Your final product for the Institute will be a proposal for the 2016 Midwest SoTL Conference held at IU South Bend each April.

Benefits of Participation
  • Facilitated by Gwynn Mettetal and Beth Kern, who have a combined 30 years of experience in leading faculty through the SoTL process.
  • Free copy of Bishop-Clark & Dietz-Uhler (2012) Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a hands-on workbook that walks you through the process.
  • Support and deadlines to encourage you to complete your project.
  • Feedback on SoTL conference proposal.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Digital Bronze Badge in SoTL.
  • Part-time faculty earn 20 Learn and Earn Faculty Development Units (worth $200 additional pay).

Individual consultations are made by appointment with our professional staff, contact a UCET Staff member or email us at ucet@iusb.edu to find the appropriate contact. We can help with any issues you are having in the classrooom.

Some examples of the topics we can help with include:

  • Creating tests, surveys, and other assessments
  • Academic integrity including plagiarism
  • Creating rubrics and measureable learning objectives
  • Instructional strategies
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Promotion and tenure
  • Technology related questions for PowerPoint, Oncourse, Box.com, Courseload, eTexts, and many others

Let UCET help with your issues so you can concentrate on your immediate needs for classroom improvement!

Learning Communities are informal discussion groups that meet periodically to discuss a topic of common interest. Group members set meeting times and topics. Groups can be formed or disbanded at any time, following the interests of group members. UCET serves as the contact point and provides support for the groups.

Interested in being part of a learning community? Have a topic of interest and would like to find a group to discuss new ideas? Contact UCET.

Bending Games to Your Educational Goals

Joel Langston of Instructional Media Services and Daniel Janicki in UCET host a learning commnuity to discuss gaming and technology in the classroom. Topics will range from creating games, gaming the classroom environment, and using games to demonstrate course material. Other possible topics will include:

  • Smartphone and tablet use in teaching
  • "Show and tell" of technology currently being used by you or a fellow faculty member
  • Helping participants of the Learning Circle find ways in which to creatively use games for their class
  • Envisioning the future of games and the role in education

Currently, we are gathering interest in the group! If interested, contact Daniel (dwjanick@iu.edu) and/or Joel (jblangs@iusb.edu) and let us know of any topics of particular interest.

What is UCET to You?

UCET to You is a service which brings a faculty development workshop to your meeting or retreat. We can provide workshops on a variety of teaching, teaching technology, and career development topics, tailored to meet your needs.

How Long are the Workshops?

The workshops can be brief (20 minute "Quick Tips") or longer interactive workshops lasting a morning or afternoon. The advantage is that we can customize the presentation to your department or audience needs and take as much time as needed to answer questions. 

Where are the Workshops Held?

Workshops can be held in one of the UCET classrooms, in your department, or a computer lab.

How Do I Schedule a UCET to You Workshop? 

Contact ucet@iusb.edu, providing as many details as possible for the topic; preferred date and time; and location. 

What are Some Examples of Topics Offered?
Gwynn Mettetal | Pedagogy
  • Creating a positive classroom environment
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Energize your night class
  • Flipping the classroom
  • Concept maps as a learning tool
  • Active listening and conflict resolution

Gwynn Mettetal | Career
  • Peer Review of teaching: best practices
  • Documenting your teaching
  • Civility: Creating a positive campus climate
  • Best practices in mentoring faculty
  • SoTL 101: Designing your first SoTL project

Daniel Janicki | Instructional Technology
  • Canvas basics or advanced topics
  • Box basics or advanced topics
  • Echo 360
  • Adobe Connect
  • PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote
  • Creating surveys with Qualtrics
  • Doceri and iPad classroom applications
  • Windows 8.1

Daniel Janicki | New Next.IU Pilots
  • MediaCore
  • Ensemble Video
  • Kaltura
  • Piazza
  • Voicethread

The University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET) host a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the year to help progress the learning of the faculty across pedagogical and technological topics.

Please keep checking back for new workshops and events. More dates will appear as they become available! Workshops are open to both faculty and staff. Would you like to receive an email with updates about workshops?

UCET's Teaching Well with Technology Series (TWWT) offers seminars and hands-on workshops on various topics related to instructional technology integration for face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and fully online courses. Various instructional technology tools that are available to our faculty are discussed and featured at these sessions, including Oncourse CL, our learning management system, and Turnitin, a plagiarism detection system available to Indiana University faculty and students. 

Individuals who attend any three of our TWWT Series events will receive a certificate of participation which may be used for annual reports or dossier preparation. Make sure that you sign your name for every TWWT event you attend as that is what we use to keep track for the certificates which we will mail to your campus office.

UCET staff and faculty members present on these topics. If you are interested in presenting, email ucet@iusb.edu and a representative will contact you. 

Past TWWT Workshop Resources >>

UCET's Teaching Effectively and Classroom How-To's Series (TEACH) offers seminars and workshops on various topics related to teaching and learning, including pedagogy, curriculum development, instructional design, assessment, evaluation, classroom management, diversity, disability, and other non-technology applications for face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and fully online courses.

Individuals who attend any three of our TEACH Series events will receive a certificate of participation which may be used for annual reports or dossier preparation. Make sure that you sign your name for every TEACH event you attend as that is what we use to keep track for the certificates which we will mail to your campus office.

UCET staff and faculty members present on these topics. If you are interested in presenting, email ucet@iusb.edu and a representative will contact you.

Past TEACH Workshop Resources

In addition to new faculty orientation and the PTR Dossier Prep group, UCET offers workshops on career development topics such as Faculty Annual Reports and documenting your teaching for FACET and other teaching awards. We also organize a PTR Summit in August for those who will be making PTR decisions, such as deans and PTR committee members.

UCET staff and faculty members present on these topics. If you are interested in presenting, emailucet@iusb.edu and a representative will contact you.

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